The Revolution Begins Within

The Manifesto of Awesome

This is a manifesto of what it means to be awesome. No one’s perfect, but each person has the power to be awesome and to help others be awesome. Don’t suck. Be awesome.

Here’s a list of ways to do/be awesome:

You like and use the word awesome.

You do stuff that makes you happy that doesn’t hurt you or others like:
Make art.
Build stuff.
Grow stuff.
Design stuff.
Play music.
Move around.
Help others.
And so on.

You give people a chance and don’t judge them negatively because of their skin color, who they’re into, how much money they don’t have or make, their clothes, their gender identity or expression, their physical and/or mental ability level, their height, weight or anything that doesn’t directly speak to their character because you recognize the right of all bodies and expressions to exist…simply because they do.

You respect that necessity if the mother of invention and you do a lot with a little, believing and actualizing ways to make life work better while easing the burdens on your planet and your fellow creatures and human beings.

You believe in doing your fair share and not asking more of someone else or others than you would ask of yourself.

You read. (Caveat: this only applies if you’ve had the privilege of learning to read.)

You acknowledge, respect and actualize that love, friendship and family are two-way streets.

You help people.

You enjoy sharing. You actively share the knowledge you’ve acquired and insight borne of your life experiences.

You wish others well.

You cultivate your empathy.

You seek out knowledge, wisdom, history, artistry and insight from diverse perspectives.

You’re into community, coalition and collaboration.

You think sex is a human right, including the right to not have it, the absolute right of every human to say no to whatever makes them feel bad and to say yes to what makes them feel good.

You think resistance to that which hurts, exploits and oppresses is the secret to joy.

You think art and artists are necessary to shaping a balanced and progressive culture.

You want to connect.

You dare to dream.

You live to love.

You reach for joy.

You believe in, know and claim your awesome.

You honor the awesome of others.


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