Beating in Blood

Beating in Blood

By N.A. Patin, C&P 2013

We all begin as blood

cloaked in wombs black

opposite of murder

is where hope lives

desiccating fear

replicating love


We all just want to be loved and love

to feel heart beating in blood

drowning out fear

all colors run together and end black

universe’s fabric stitched with all lives

stars burn with sudden murder


Dark flesh destined for murder

as skin aches for love

desperate to find where hope lives

suffocating in iron of our own blood

running molten black

rusted by indifference and fear


Who am I to fear

the inevitability of murder?

best square up hands black

fill them with dangerous love

knuckles shining with darkest blood

where horrific truth lives


A chain of broken lives

pieced together with fear

cracks filled by blood

mosaic of masterful murder

killed all our love

left us nothing but black


Beat our names, songs, prayers into pulpy black

raped humanity from our lives

told us we could never have love

fed us scraps and fear

accused us of our own murder

sipped like wine our blood


We murder fear in our blood as our love lives black.

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