What I Do

What I Do

Nikki Patin’s historic address to the United Nations, Geneva, Switzerland, on behalf of Black women and girls in 2014

Public Newsroom 126: Surviving the Mic (spreaker.com)

Press Room: Speaking Poetry to Power – YouTube

Spoken Word by Nikki Patin—#WeMustBreathe—Victory Gardens—Chicago—Thurs Dec 18 2014 – YouTube

Nikki Patin HBO Def Poetry Jam: Sweat – YouTube

Queer Parenting during a Pandemic & Disrupting Rape Culture with Nikki Patin – YouTube

Survivor-focused Speaking Poetry to Power by Nikki Patin and Mojdeh Stoakley of Surviving the Mic – YouTube

Surviving Something – YouTube

Hell Yeah! – YouTube

Tell Me A Story – YouTube

Surviving the Mic: Take Back Our Lives – YouTube

First Monday Jazz Performance: Rock Me – YouTube

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